Today we came across and article of Sarah Porter and Torsten Reimer predicting seven directions for research in information systems in 2013. In the article in the JISC the researchers (see for profiles of the authors here and here) state that “With rapidly increasing amounts of data generated, digital technology offers new and innovative ways of finding and analysing relevant information.” 

The following trends for researchers are identified: 

  1. Researcher will go mobile
  2. Lines between professionals, amateurs and the public will blur
  3. Researchers fully embrace social media
  4. Data will drive research across many disciplines
  5. Automate it
  6. Visualise it
  7. Researchers as data managers

The predictions for future research open up the possibilities for African researchers to join. Only with the use of internet and the willingness of the researchers in the developed world we can advance knowledge development that will also include the developing world. I hope this is what Sarah Porter and Torsten Reimer had in mind.