East African Center for Open Source Software

The East African Center for Open Source Software – EACOSS – was established in 2003 as an offspring of the Open Source Software migration project at Uganda Martyrs University in Uganda. The center was located in Kampala and financially supported by IICD in the Netherlands.

The center has played a key role in creating awareness and the promotion of the use of Free and Open Source Software in the East African region in general and in Uganda in particular. Through training and information sessions a great number of people have have made their first steps to using Open Source Software in EACOSS training center.

The ‘Open Your Windows’ event in 2005 was the first Open Source Event in the region and received international attention. The opening presentation can be downloaded here.

The center closed its doors in 2011 as local initiatives in the region emerged and took over. The Uganda Center for Open Source Software and the Community Open Source Software Solutions Network now represent EACOSS’s values and spirit of OSS in Uganda.

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