Visualising data

Making sense of data is a huge challenge. More and more data is produced but what do we do with it. How can it be transformed so that it is useful for decision making, progress reporting, internal and external communication? How do you create information that enables learning?

The time that we presented long and complex tables is over. New tools have a arrived to visualize this data. New representations that make your data speak for itself. We visualise your data in infographics, dynamic data analyses and interactive maps.

  • Infographics: Easy to understand graphical representations of core elements in your program or project. They can be static or dynamic, on paper for reports, presentations or on the internet for your website. An example of an infographic that was made by us can be found here.
  • Dynamic data analytics: We use Tableau and other data visualisation tools to publish data dynamically online, on the project’s website. Here is an example made by us to visualise the African perspective of the Global Information Technology Report and highlight the movers and the shakers in technology in Africa (click in the image to go to the interactive version).


  • Interactive maps: Maps are a great way to tell the story of what you are doing where. Here is an example:

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