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Social media has exploded in recent years. It is used for a variety of purposes, including private networking, entertainment, news and general information, professional services etc. Across the world it has also become a tool for like-minded social and political actors (advocacy groups, social movements, political parties, civil society) who seek to mobilize supporters, promote certain issues etc. The most spectacular manifestation of this tendency was visible during the so-called Arab Spring, where social media were used actively to promote political change, in particular by shaping the debate, organizing events and engaging international media beyond national borders.
In this research, that was conducted by MIS4D, we explore the potential of social media to promote social change (democracy and social justice) in Cameroon in general and its use in supporting of the activities of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and their partners in particular. We analyse the regional context to understand the potential and limitations and assess the use of social media in Cameroon.

The report can be downloaded here: SocialiseCameroon_Website_final. A presentation summarising the main results is here.