Virtual University of Uganda

The National Commission of Higher Education in Uganda has granted in 2011 a license for the Uganda Virtual University to explore the possibilities of fully online education in the East African region. The university is offering Master degrees in Public Health and International Development for professionals (a Master in ICT for Development and an Executive MBA soon to be added). Although the project is still small in terms of active students, its potential is recognized and the student satisfaction high.

Victor van Reijswoud was one of the co-founders of the university and responsible for all technical infrastructure. The first fully cloud-based solution in East Africa was implemented.

1 thought on “Virtual University of Uganda”

  1. Yassin Mshana said:

    The AVU initiative has a long story to tell starting from the Negotiations for its mode of implementation in East Africa ….changing expectations and perceptions was among the major policy issues that had to be resolved back in 1999 (during the Y2K fever!)

    Reading that Higher Degrees will be available is a boost ..
    Aluta continua!

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