L’Agence d’Achat de Performance – Bertoua

Websites form an integral part of projects and organisations. Donors often fund the development of a website and in most cases the project hires a local website developer to implement the website.

When the website is visited after a year, we mostly observe that the information has little or not changed over the period since site was implemented. This provides a negative image for all the parties.

When asked why nothing has changed, is becomes painfully clear that the combination of an external supplier and the lack of ownership of the website is a recipe for disaster.

For the L’agence d’Achat de Performance (AAP) in Bertoua in Cameroon we have followed a different approach. Through the use of free and web 2.0 tools we have trained non technical staff in the organisation to develop and to maintain an integrated web presence and intranet. See architecture below.

General Structure AAP Web

In this solution the control is back in the organisation and updates can be added easily and are distributed over the main social media. Uninterested users have become owners and administrators.

The recurrent costs are limited to USD 19 per year which is affordable for all organisations.

Thank you web team for making this work!

Het web team

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